Thursday, August 16, 2012

@ Piazza Venezia, Colosseum, and Piazza Navona

Okay, where do i start..Uhm... It was a HOT afternoon when i went outside and of course to tour myself as well in some of the major tourist spots here in Rome. But before that, i promised to myself  yesterday that i will tour myself around Rome to become more open about the cultures and histories of Rome and also because yesterday when we went in centre town with my mum and my cousin, all the stores and i think almost of the spots here in Rome were closed because it was feast yesterday. And I also bought a new shades. It was Rayban's WayFarer. It was really one of my dreams to buy one of that shade since i was still in the Philippines. And now, i have it now. 

So, after i went for an exercise and got home, i decided to prepare myself for this quite long tour. Then, it was around 10 am when i went outside. My first destination was the Piazza Venezia. I was so lucky because   it was opened because sometimes, it was closed although there were a lot of tourists who were touring around and wanted to enter also in that Museum. 

It was such a HOT day, i mean really HOT. That's why i think i my skin got enough tanned. Haha. The next time that I will tour again, i will just bring a hat and a fan. LOOOOOL. There were a lot of tourists also who were at that time. And i'm also flattered because some of the vendors who were there were asking me if i want to buy some of their drinks, foods, souvenirs etc. Haha. I never thought that they considered me as a tourist because there's a part of me that i know for a reason that almost of the foreign people thinks that we Filipinos are only people who works and can't make this kind of stuff  of being a tourist or going around the world but i was really wrong because they were treating us as a tourist also. So, i am so proud that I am a true blood FILIPINO. 

I was at the top of Piazza Venezia when i took these photos. Well, obviously... It was hotter at this part but the heat that came from the sun was really worth after seeing those beautiful views of Rome. Oh by the way, i forgot to say that the entrance fee was free but if you want to go up of the Piazza Venezia, there'll be a  fee but don't worry because it wasn't that costly as you are thinking. It was around 3.50 euros if you are below 18 and for ages of 19 above, if i'm not mistaken it was around 7.50 euros. And so, i went to this upper part of the museum and saw all these views.

And for the last of Piazza Venezia tour, these are some of my photos at upper part of the Piazza Venezia. Lucky me, because i found some kind tourist and local tourist which are Italians that i asked to take a photo of me at that part of the Piazza. Thanks guys!

Whoah, wait a minute... it's not yet as what you are thinking right now. LOL. After i went in Piazza Venezia, the next spot that i visited was The Colosseum. Well, i wasn't that actually went inside of The Colosseum because the lines of the people who were wanted to enter were so 'phenomenon'. For me it was the right word to described the lines of people in the Colosseum. Anyway, i was just took some photos outside and took some rest under the trees near it. 

Well, i took some rest under a tree after walking from Piazza Venezia into Colosseo. Actually, it wasn't that far but the way that the heat of the sun was that really hot, it was the one who kept you tired and sweaty as well that's why, it was really hard to walk in that hot time. But it was really worth it though. Hehehe. Anyway, after i took some rest and took some photos of the outside of the Colosseum, now i decided to go to Piazza Navona. But the hard part for me was finding the right bus stop going straight in that Piazza but i wasn't able to find it so i decided to walk back again into the Piazza Venezia and took a bus going straight to the next spot that i want to go to. And thanks God, i got through.

So guys, i just wanna say. Take your time and don't lose any moment you have in this world. Because no one really knows when He will get us and also just be happy always. And treasure every happy memories you will have because one day you'll realise that you have those good and interesting memories you can left before you'll leave. 

Happy Vacation guys!  

Friday, August 10, 2012

Mushroom and Avocado Bruschetta

Wooohooo! Thank God it's Friday. Anyway, i've made another session of jogging this morning with my friend. It was such a tiring and worth though. Uhm, this morning my body was not that appropriate with my mind because these past few days, i ate a lot of carbo foods so my body was little bit heavy to make a session but lucky me because without any doubt, i completed a long session. 

So, when i arrived in home. I decided to make a simple but healthy breakfast that i got from Erwan Heussaff's blog. But i made a little version of mine. In Erwan's blog, he put zucchini but in my version, i put mushrooms instead. But it's still the same way how you going to cook it and make it. 

You know what guys, although this dish is so simple to make. It has this unique taste that you'll literally find everytime. I mean, when you already tasted it, you'll just say "I want more". Haha 
And thankful also for the avocado. Although it hasn't that sweet taste unlike in the fruits, it has this unique taste and a little creamy. Especially when you already put in with the other ingredients, you'll just realise that this fruit is such a perfect combination for every base for your bread.

So guys, just message me or send me some photos of your little version of this dish. You can also shared this to anyone. Happy Weekends. 

Good Morning!

Buon Appetite!

Monday, August 06, 2012

A Real Burger Monster

After a LONG and TIRING exercise (jogging and running) that we've made (with my friend), we should need an extra REWARD for what we've done. And we also need this to have that enough fuel into our bodies to sustain that strength that we really need. For another time, we "AGAIN" tried to make this dish with the help of Erwan's blog ( Really thankful for this food blog especially for us people who are now very conscious with the foods that we intake into our bodies.

Well, i really never thought that this burger was a REAL MONSTER. Why? Because when the time that i ate it, seems like the burger will be the one who'll eat you. Because you really need to open your mouth as wide as you can just to bite a piece of it. LOOOOOL. FYI, i'm not kidding. Anyway, it was such a real monster BUT also it has a real monster taste too!(DELICIOUS). And also the way you'll put mayonnaise or mustard into the bread as a base, and also those mini tomatoes and chopped onions that you'd cooked as a filling on top of the burger patty. And last but not the least, the way you cook the patty. WOW! For me, to get that real taste you really wanted in your burger, you need to have those 'little' charcoal color in your patty to sustain that crispness that everyone like about eating a burger.

Buon Appetite!